Download WhatsApp Messenger for Lenovo

Download WhatsApp Messenger for Lenovo

Download WhatsApp Messenger for Lenovo. WhatsApp is a very common messaging app and most of us use it and still they are some features contained in the messaging app that we do not know exist or how to use them. Also there are apps that one can install to complement their WhatsApp experience. In this article I will talk about some of these features and apps and how we can access them and use them to help us have a better chatting experience.

The first feature I will talk about is how you can hide your profile picture from unknown contacts. There are people who use WhatsApp Messenger to stalk others especially through the profile pictures they post. WhatsApp comes with a solution to this only that at times we do not know it exists. To prevent such people from accessing your profile picture simply follow the following steps. Go to WhatsApp settings. Then select “Account” option, select “Privacy “and then go to “Profile Photo”. Eventually select “My Contacts” and you are done. This means that only people on your contact list will be able to see your profile picture.

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