Lenovo P2 Smartphone

Lenovo P2 Smartphone

One of the biggest complains made by the customers of Lenovo during 2017 about the company’s phones was their short battery period. This issue has been largely solved in the latest inexpensive headset. The Lenovo offers the Lenovo P2 whose battery can last for three days straight without skimping on other regions being able to perform it.

A lot of the companies claim to provide the phones having amazing battery life. However, they don’t always turn out to be true. Yet this phone does provide a long battery life and itself a great phone in many ways than other phones. Thus, should this be your next phone or does it include many hidden flaws?

The Lenovo P2 includes the mid-range features, but it launched with very affordable price. Initially, it came up as the three exclusive phone in the UK, but presently as the network of the company dropped after the release of the Moto E4 plus. This shows that none of the main networks lie in the range of P2.

So, the one way which you can use for buying this phone in the UK is via Amazon where it is available at the cost double than its real price. It is a shame, but this phone doesn’t worth £350, while originally it costs not more than £200.

The company didn’t reveal any plans about releasing the phone in the US or Australia and considering the release of P2 in the UK for the limited span which customers don’t expect from the company. If the company decides about the launching of this phone in Australia or the US, there will be news and details will be found in the reviews of the phone. Many phones with same costs as that of Lenovo P2 don’t have the full metallic body and particularly don’t feel as special as other phones.

Many people who see the customers of P2 don’t consider it a budget device, but it has got the very good texture and feels a good quality look, having the rounded edges which don’t make it sharp to be handled. The design of the phone is unique, but the size is little smaller. Though it is still larger than other phones – those people who have small hands may have to do some effort for reaching few sections of the phone. If you have already use the large phones before, you will find it easy to handle this phone.

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